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About the company

It is no secret that the price of cryptocurrencies depends on supply and demand, in other words, the more buy orders are placed on the exchange, the higher the price of a particular coin and in contrast. The more sell orders are placed, the lower the price of the coin being sold. Experienced analysts tirelessly monitor these indicators on different exchanges at the same time, so as not to miss even the slightest trend in the exchange rate. Professional players use high-tech software, create automatic bots that are able to respond to changes at high speeds and instantly buy or sell coins, even without human participation. We moved on, and our search led us to a unique and innovative investment strategy, through which we grade the risks to their complete absence. The cryptocurrency market from year to year is becoming broader and more diverse. We live in a digital age where there are new altcoins every day. To put it simply we find new altcoins that are not yet familiar to the public and have not yet firmly established themselves in the market, but are already…

The performance of the company

Cyber investigations is your reliable guide to the world of high-return investments and alternative currencies.

The mission of our company is to follow the way of continuous improvement, introducing innovative methods of investing in everyday life and making complex tools simple, for as many people as possible.

Altcoins - is the name of any cryptocurrency except for bitcoin. By some information, the total number of altcoins exceeds more than 500 varieties and from time to time more and more new coins appear.

Pump - is the process of artificially overpricing by this method, when a huge amount of currency is bought over a certain period of time. Investors who bought the currency in a cheap way sell it at an inflated price on the pump.

Join Cyber investigations and affect the market with us!

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We are opening new horizons!

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There are no boundaries for perfection!